Baseline offers full project management services from conception to project close-out. The majority of contracts in the South African Built Environment are awarded under the JBCC suit of contracts. In this contract the Project Manager acts as the Principal Agent. The roles of the Principal Agent are generally defined by the PROCSA agreement.
The work-stages as defined by PROCSA consist of the following services:

 Stage 1

Establish the Client’s requirements and preferences, assess user needs and options, appoint the necessary consultants and establish the project brief. The brief is to include the project objectives, priorities, constraints, assumptions, aspirations, and strategies.

 Stage 2
 (Concept and Viability)

Prepare and finalise the project concept in accordance with the brief. The concept is to include the scope, scale, character, form, function, development programme and viability of the project.

 Stage 3
 (Design Development)

Develop the approved concept to finalise the design, specifications, cost plan, financial viability and the documentation programme for the project.

 Stage 4 
 (Documentation and Procurement)

Prepare the construction and procurement documentation, confirm and implement the procurement programme, strategies and procedures to ensure effective and timeous procurement of the necessary resources.

 Stage 5 

Manage, administer and monitor the contracts and processes. These are to include the preparation and coordination of the procedures and documentation, to facilitate the practical completion of the works.

 Stage 6

Fulfil and complete the project close-out, including the preparation of the necessary documentation to facilitate effective completion, hand over and operations of the project.

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